"Bless & Release"

"Bless & Release"

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Bless & Release

Release Pain, such as Headaches or Stress Aches & Tension in the Body

Use this Synergy to help target nerves and release tension in the body with mindful intentions. Diffuse your pure blend, embracing it’s stimulating and normalizing aromas, wear topically using Massage oil on temples, neck, shoulders, and chest, or place a few drops of the pure blend in the bottom of a steamy shower to release tension. Use in times you need relief and support - deeply inhale - to balance your nerves and “Bless & Release”

PEPPERMINT- Clears the mind, nervine, stimulating, invigorating, uplfiting, cooling affect, first aide oil for pain management

BERGAMOT- Refreshing, release pent up emotions, ease the mind euphoric and nurturing

GERANIUM - Harmonizing, emotional well being, helps with circulation, encourages circulation of Qi (energy) in the body

ROMAN CHAMOMILE - Calming, relaxing, soothing to help fight stress and ease nerves, calming properities

LAVENDER - Normalizing and balancing to reduce emotional stress, improve mood & brain support, soothing & relaxing

For our Annointing Massage Oil’s, this custom synergy is safely diluted with :

JOJOBA & FCO * Fractionated Coconut Oil - Healing properities containing vitamins and minerals to nourish the skin, reduce inflammation, pentrating and repairing the skin to soften and soothe

RECOMMENDED TO USE IN AN EPSOM SALT BATH - Relieve pain and inflammation, natural exfoliant, relax muscles, and reduce stress and anxiety.