What ails you?

We all have a slew of problems that may come to mind when asked this question.. Integrative Holistic Aromatherapy has been used for thousands of years by our ancestors to help sooth worries, fend off illness, and enhance their lives. Mothers By Nature looks at a Holistic Approach providing an opportunity for a free consultation with an Integrative Certified Aromatherapist to help you with a specific, acute or chronic, problem. Options are available to choose what you have been already seeking or have the perfect synergy created just for you to encourage optimal well being. This is not guaranteed to help treat, cure, or prevent illnesses but is used to help guide you through a Holistic & Natural way of infusing only the finest and purest botanicals into your daily life. 

Healing through mother nature's essentials.

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Custom Synergies... 

Blends Available for your specific needs . . .

Synergy Blends are uniquely customized Aromatherapy for your specific needs.  Prices can range, depending on the unique EO's used within your synergy and on the preference in how your synergy is bottled. (ex. Sandalwood is a very rare oil which makes it more expensive therefore increasing the price of your synergy)


All essential oils are handmade and infused with High Vibrations of Love & Reiki, each on personalized with an Affirmation~  

🌿Purity Tested, Mother Approved

Synergy Options


This Synergy is of pure essential oils blended together to use in a diffuser, inhaler, or wear topically by blending with your favorite carrier oils.  This bottle is only pure essential oils (not diluted) so please be Mindful and choose proper dilution for wearing topically.   Avg. Cost $20-40

ROLL ON - 10 mL  

This Synergy is for easy application with a combination of pure essential oils and carrier oils for topical use- Diluted 5-10%.    Avg. Cost $15-22


This Synergy is for easy application with a combination of pure essential oils diluted 5% for a divine experience, with easy and safe application to use daily. Massage your essential onto neck, shoulders, back, pulse points, and feet while embracing the synergistic aromas.   Avg. Cost $22-45

MIST - 4oz

This Synergy is a combination of pure essential oils diluted 20% with Distilled water & Witch Hazel to embrace the aromatics of plant therapy on your pillows, in your office, or as a natural perfume.  Avg. Cost $13-22

BODY SCRUB -  2-4oz

This is a unique synergy of pure essential oils diluted 10-20% in a salt body scrub for detoxification, pain relief, and/or skin therapy. Depending on size- Avg. Cost.$10-28

All dilutions vary, depending on the ailment being acute or chronic. Rachel Lee Cronin is a Certified Aromatherapist with an appreciation for plant therapy and a passion for healing & creating. When using your synergy for topical application please be mindful of proper dilution.


Custom Synergy Blends
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What Ails You?

Custom Synergy:
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Many plants contain therapeutic properties and have incredible powers for helping to remedy your ailment or to aid in prevention. With their Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal, Anti-microbial bacteria fighters, they help you to stay clear of being stuck in bed for a week and help to alleviate symptoms faster when you do.

STRESSED, TIRED, ANXIOUS, not sleeping well? 


 Wouldn't it be incredible if you had something to remind your brain to wake up and stayed focused? Or how about a stress buster to fight those long work days? How about a synergy to help aid you into a peaceful slumber? Many people struggle from Insomnia, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, and Hormonal Imbalances (especially during that "Lady Time"). You would be surprised how many people struggle with these ailments regularly and it's unfortunately extremely common in the busy world we live in today to accept stress as second nature. Instead, let's remind ourselves of our roots and use Mother Nature to help guide you into a better state of well being and balance.



A lot of plants act as pain fighters with their own analgesic properties to help alleviate the pain in targeted areas. Sooth, calm, and help relax the muscles through the power of Aromatherapy. This is commonly created as a topical blended synergy, a Massage Oil or Body Scrub, to use directly onto the affected area.



Skin care is one of the largest industries but unfortunately one of the easiest ways to damage your body's natural balance and rhythm. There are so many dyes, synthetics, chemicals, and additives to skin care products to keep their shelf life and they are doing more harm to our body than good. Think about how important our skin is, it is the LARGEST organ of our body that is created to PROTECT us! It only takes minutes for our bodies to absorb the topical products before rushing into our bloodstream. Don't you agree it's best to use a natural approach and take care to protect what's intended to protect us? Mothers By Nature can create a natural synergy custom made for your unique skin. Going back to our roots of using Plants as our therapy as our ancestors did long ago. Cleopatra knew best, using these powerful aromatic herbs to enhance her beautifying regime. 


Create your Own...


Our heart opens for Creators! Mothers By Nature gives you the chance to embrace your inner creative spirit with Integrating your Synergy in a way that is easy for you to create on your own! Once you identify the problem, you will be provided a remedy recipe to help alleviate symptoms with a unique Recipe card, Bottle, Pipettes- ALL INCLUDED- to make in your very own home! During our workshops we teach others how to dive into this creative aspect of using essential oils, a Divine experience for you to make your very own personalized blend. The best part is that you can also use the remainder of the essential oils to use for diffusing or creating more blends! With the the guidance from MBN Founder & a Certified Aromatherapist, you will be given the chance to stay safe while blending your very own synergy!

Choose from one synergy that resonates with your specific ailment for your unique synergy kit or before purchasing, you are welcome to, receive your FREE CONSULTATION to determine which Synergy would work best for you, having a unique blend designed for your specific needs.





  • 5 -(5mL) Pure Therapeutic Essential Oils to Create your Unique Blend
  • Bottle (if a topical blend it is Pre-filled with specific Carrier oils)   Pre-filled with specific Carrier oils for your Unique synergy
  • Recipe Card with how many drops to use for your Dilution or Pure Blend
  • Pipettes (Droppers)
  • Extra Recipe Cards for Essential Oil Benefits in your Kit  - each 5 mL bottles has 100d inside so you will have plenty of essentials leftover after creating your unique synergy to embrace their many therapeutic benefits!

COST  $55-$75

Prices do vary depending on rarity of the essential oils used in your Synergy. Before purchasing, discuss with Founder of MBN & a Certified Aromatherapist for your FREE CONSULTATION to determine which synergy would be best for you (some aromas don't resonate with everyone and it's important you enjoy your special blend). We will identify and address the specific symptom and remedy for your synergy.