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Use of Custom Anxiety Synergy to RELAX AND LET GO and bring Tranquility

Use this Tranquil oil with mindful intentions of releasing any harboring feelings you may be holding onto. Trust in the power of your mind and this synergies calming aromas to help you breath and Let go. Find contentment in your day by Diffusing your pure blend, embracing it’s harmonizing and peaceful aromas, wear topically throughout the day with the Massage oil, or place a few drops of the pure synergy in the bottom of a steamy shower. Use in times you need relief and support - deeply inhale - to create peaceful thoughts, release any tension, and balance your mind, body, & spirit.

FRANKINCENSE - Centering and harmonizing, helps to relieve stress and anxiety, meditative, brings peace into your life

CLARY SAGE - Balancing, antidepressent, mood enhancing, sedative qualities, & euphoric

YLANG YLANG - Centering and harmonizing, helps to relieve stress and anxiety, meditative, sensual

VETIVER - Soothing, produce grounding effects on emtions, calming and nurturing,

LAVENDER - Normalizing and balancing to reduce emotional stress, improve mood & brain support, improve sleep & relaxing

For our Annointing Massage Oil’s, this custom synergy is safely diluted with :

JOJOBA & FCO * Fractionated Coconut Oil - Healing properities containing vitamins and minerals to nourish the skin, reduce inflammation, pentrating and repairing the skin to soften and soothe

RECOMMENDED TO USE IN AN EPSOM SALT BATH - Relieve pain and inflammation, natural exfoliant, relax muscles, and reduce stress and anxiety.