Skin Care | Acne Synergy "Renew"

Skin Care | Acne Synergy "Renew"

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Use a natural method to healing your face, healing with Mother Nature’s essentials..

Use this Cleansing and Nourishing blend of oils as a daily ritual for your skin. Gently Massage or Spritz your Face Serum or Tonic before your morning begins with mindful intentions for replenishing the skin. Spritz/Massage as a Nightly Routine to heal your skin before you settle in for the night. Sometimes inflammation of the skin can be caused due to Stress or Anxiety in the body, when using this Synergy - deeply inhale - and create peaceful thoughts, release any tension, and balance your mind, body, & spirit

CLARY SAGE - Balancing, mood enhancing to help calm skin inflammation due to stress, reduce excessive sebum production, & dry itchy skin

LAVENDER - Normalizing, Good for acne, Natural anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, & antiseptic, improves mood, very healing & soothing

GERANIUM- Harmonizing, balances hormones, helps with circulation, Natural astringent to help bind tissues for skin repair

TEA TREE- Natural antiseptic to help prevent growth of microbes, cleansing for oil production, & antibacterial to help destroy bacteria

If blended as a Massage Oil to help enhance nourishment of skin, this synergy is safely diluted with :

JOJOBA - light in texture. Similar to Sebum (our natural oils in our skin) it can penetrate easily for absorption,good for all types of skin

FCO- Fractionated Coconut Oil- protects and softens the skin, helps to soften rough and dry skin, reduce inflammation

If blended as a Face Tonic:

WITCH HAZEL- Remedy to help heal your skin. Natural Astringent, reduces skin inflammation and irritation, fights acne & bacteria