Yoga Mat Cleaner

Yoga Mat Cleaner

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My mat is like my Home. I have had a lot of experiences with it physically, emotionally, spiritually. May sound silly but I feel a special bond with my mat and it’s travelled on many journeys with me. From rolling it out countless times at my favorite studio, on retreats, in my living room with my little ones (crawling all over me), to the beach, park, and on dirty gym floors. I developed this spray as a way to cleanse my mat after practice. It is symbolic in a way, as it not only cleans away the dirt and sweat but also any leftover energy, that is stored that I may have I released during my yoga practice, to make space for new experiences. As I clean, it also allows me to reflect and have gratitude for the time I shared on my mat- I like to joke that I’m giving my “mat love” too after class, heck, it’s been there for me for so many years, it’s the least I could do in return :)

It’s an added bonus it smells refreshing and clean when I’m ready to roll it out again.


I’ve made this available to you using Therapeutic Antibacterial Essential Oils: Tea Tree, Lemon, Grapefruit, Orange, Lavender, combined with Distilled Water & Witch Hazel in a BPA Free Reusuable 4oz Bottle, to make it for easy traveling and cleaning!

Spray-Wipe-Air Dry-Do More Yoga!