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This Custom Synergy is to naturally help ease pain and target muscular tension relief

Use this cleansing Synergy to help aide in release and relax any tension your are holding onto. Use for relief and support, release any tension, balance your nerves, and “Ease” your pain. Recommended to massage directly onto target area.

USE IN EPSOM SALT AS A SALT SCRUB - Relieve pain and inflammation, natural exfoliant, relax muscles, reduce stress

PEPPERMINT- Clears the mind, nervine, stimulating, invigorating, natural analgesic, cooling affect, first aide oil for pain management

JUNIPER- Muscle relief & spasms, Join aches, Relieve pain & inflammation, ease tired muscles

ROMAN CHAMOMILE - Calming, soothing to help reduce stress and ease nerves, calming properities, relieve inflammation

LEMON- Relaxes Blood Vessels, ease joint & nerve pain, cleansing & naturally helps with inflammation

FENNEL- Natural Aid for skin care, antimicrobial, boost blood circulation, pain reliever, numbs localized area for relief

HELICHRYSUM- Heals muscle tissue, pain relief, natural anti-inflammatory

For our Annointing Massage Oil’s, this custom synergy is safely diluted with :

JOJOBA & FCO * Fractionated Coconut Oil - Healing properities containing vitamins and minerals to nourish the skin, reduce inflammation, pentrating and repairing the skin to soften and soothe

*Some oils are sensitive on skin so please test a small patch of skin before use.